Generation Capacity Statement 2023–2032

The Generation Capacity Statement (GCS), which is published annually by EirGrid, examines the likely balance between electricity demand and supply during the years 2023 to 2032. You can find the accompanying GCS Data Workbook here:…

TSO Monitoring Committee Terms of Reference November 2023

The purpose of the TSO Monitoring Committee (‘the Committee’) is to provide an effective challenge to EirGrid TSO’s proposed plans and approach to projects progressed through the Committee during PR5 and future price controls. The Committee will provide independent and ongoing oversight of the TSO initiatives that were deemed too uncertain to be included within the TSO’s ex-ante allowance for PR5 and the TSO’s ex-ante allowance for future price controls or TSO initiatives which had not been foreseen prior to the commencement of the relevant price control period.

EirGrid Statement of Charges 2023-2024

This statement sets out EirGrid’s charges for use of the transmission system applicable from 1 October 2023 until such time another Statement is approved by the Commission under Section 36 of the Electricity Regulation Act, 1999, as amended. The Transmission Use of System charges published in this statement have been derived in accordance with the 2023 revenue (CRU/2022/90) and the 2024 revenue (CRU/2023/104) allowed by the Commission for Regulation of Utilities (CRU).